Certainly, for thousands of years wood floors have provided unique and timeless beauty for homes, public buildings and businesses. In fact, good wood flooring, properly installed and cared for, will last indefinitely. Read More

Just as important, wood is proven to enhance not only the beauty but also the value of your home. The mere presence of a basic wood floor makes a permanent architectural addition to your home, one that can be easily maintained, even refinished with a new look over and over using the same floor. Partially for that reason but mostly because of the allure of wood, wood flooring maintains its value, even as it develops its own character over time. However when you take the extra step to incorporate your own design possibilities, the immediate value of both your home’s beauty and it’s net worth go up exponentially. Real estate agents agree 9 to 1 that homes with wood flooring sell faster and for higher prices.

Wood for life is also wood for lifestyle. Wood floors last many lifetimes, but in the here-and-now they are easier to care for than ever, helping you to keep a healthy home.

Plus because wood flooring is derived from a living, replenishable source

  • trees of varied grain, colors and other characteristics such as hardness
  • wood encourages you to bring the outdoors in, which is the very current and continuing trend in modern interior design.

That’s living a green, ecologically responsible lifestyle.

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