At Palandro, we offer an extensive selection of quality flooring products including cork, hardwood, reclaimed and wide plank flooring. We carefully select each product based on the following:

  • The quality and performance of the flooring
  • The durability and fit of the product given the customer’s intended use
  • The sustainability of the products life-cycle

Cork Flooring

CorkFrom the Forest to Your Floor.

Cork is the bark of the Cork Oak tree. The tree, grown predominately in Europe and North Africa, has a life span ranging from 150-200 years. Cork is harvested using traditional methods that have remained virtually unchanged since the uses of cork were first discovered. Once the tree has reached the correct level of maturity (typically 25 years), the first harvest of cork bark is removed from the tree. The cork is removed by first making an incision using a sharp knife into the bark. After this incision is made, the cork is gently removed from the tree in sections approximately 1’ X 3’. The cork is then carried to a centralized location in the forest where it is stacked and aged for a period of 3-6 months. This process is repeated every nine years henceforth, at no time affecting the health of the tree.Read More

Hand labor is used throughout the entire harvesting process to ensure that the trees are properly treated and protected. During each harvest, no more than 50% of the bark is removed, allowing the tree to protect itself using its natural defenses. Chemical pesticides and fertilizers are not normally used in the cork forest. Like the production of the raw material, the manufacturing methods are also geared towards the protection of our environment. To produce cork flooring, virgin cork bark and cork waste from the manufacturing of other cork products is recycled and ground into small granules. The granules are baked in molds at varying temperatures, allowing shade variations, from light to dark, in the finished tile product. After being baked, cut into slabs, sanded and finished with our natural wax or polyurethane, the tiles are hand sorted to assure the highest quality final product. Any rejected material during production is recycled back into future products. Dyes and colorings are not used in the manufacture of Expanko’s solid Traditional Cork products. During the manufacturing process, all raw materials are consumed, either for the finished flooring product or as an energy source. Production waste consisting of cork dust and cork oak tree trimmings are burned in furnaces which supply the heat to bake the cork tiles. Not only does cork provide consumers with one of the most durable, beautiful and comfortable floors available, but it also helps conserve our precious natural resources. When installed, cork provides a long lasting floor, giving your interior a warm, natural look and feel that will retain its’ functional beauty for decades. Source: Expanko CorK

Hardwood Flooring

HardwoodCertainly, for thousands of years wood floors have provided unique and timeless beauty for homes, public buildings and businesses. In fact, good wood flooring, properly installed and cared for, will last indefinitely. Just as important, wood is proven to enhance not only the beauty but also the value of your home. The mere presence of a basic wood floor makes a permanent architectural addition to your home, one that can be easily maintained, even refinished with a new look over and over using the same floor. Partially for that reason but mostly because of the allure of wood, wood flooring maintains its value, even as it develops its own character over time. However when you take the extra step to incorporate your own design possibilities, the immediate value of both your home’s beauty and it’s net worth go up exponentially. Read More

Real estate agents agree 9 to 1 that homes with wood flooring sell faster and for higher prices. Wood for life is also wood for lifestyle. Wood floors last many lifetimes, but in the here-and-now they are easier to care for than ever, helping you to keep a healthy home. Plus because wood flooring is derived from a living, replenishable source – trees of varied grain, colors and other characteristics such as hardness – wood encourages you to bring the outdoors in, which is the very current and continuing trend in modern interior design. That’s living a green, ecologically responsible lifestyle.

Reclaimed Wood Flooring

ReclaimedReclaimed Wide Plank Flooring This wood has a story all its own. Once a beam in a farmer’s barn, a supporting joist for a warehouse roof or a hand-hewn girder in a stable, no two pieces of reclaimed wood are exactly alike. Harvested decades and even centuries ago from slow-growth, virgin timber, aged wood offers an authentic and exceptionally tight wood grain with a rich, naturally weathered color and patina that cannot be duplicated today.

Blend the beauty and sustainability of reclaimed wood into your story.

Whether you’re building a rustic cabin retreat or renovating a modern urban dwelling, Olde Wood’s 100-percent reclaimed hardwood flooring can help you create an enduring space that’s as unique as your taste.

Repurposing reclaimed wood also demonstrates your dedication to preserving our nation’s past, as well as furthering its present goals for sustainability. All our materials qualify for LEED points under the materials and resources category and are guaranteed to last.

For those looking for wide plank flooring without the historical marks and artifacts, we offer an additional flooring option in our Traditional-Plank hardwood flooring.